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Through safety and quality

At AMW, the customer is the focus of our operations, and delivering customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We aim to do it by delivering products that score high on safety and quality, so that the customer enjoys a good driving experience and a high return on investment.

April 2014

Timely maintenance, driver comfort and genuine parts usage are major reasons for fitness of my vehicles, AMW Motors Ltd. is first company of India which revolutionized the trucking culture in India and upgraded the driver standard. AMW understands the need of customers and provides the best products and services in market.

Mr. Varinder
Proprietor, AGI Infra

January 2014

Commenting on the superior efficiency of AMW trucks, Mr. Jarial says, "We are achieving impressive fuel efficiency, high performance and much better turnaround times with AMW vehicles."

Mr. Ankit Jarial
A major transport contractor in Guwahati

"My AMW Tippers are built like tanks and work like them"

When it comes to carrying heavy loads in rough environments such as quarries, where I primarily operate, you need trucks that are tough enough to make light work of it. My AMW 25 ton, 2523 and 2518, Tippers have the highest loading capacity and with their 235 BHP Cummins engines are virtual powerhouses compared to others in their class. Add to this Meritor axles with high bogie suspension and ZF 9-speed gear boxes, and you not only have high efficiency but high performance and low maintenance as well. And then there are special features like AC cabins and panoramic visibilty for driver comfort which means productivity can only rise. So it's no surprise that I have bought 104 such Tippers over past three years. I look forward to more such warriors from the AMW garrison.

Mr. K Narsimha Reddy
MD of KNR Constructions Ltd.

AMW's people are driven by the need to produce and deliver trucks that customers can trust throughout their productive life

Our manufacturing system is aimed at high performance and continuous improvement in quality, safety, timeliness of delivery and a flexible workflow.

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