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Supplier information

Partners in transport for the future

At AMW, the supply chain is a long-term commitment. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, AMW has opted to build long-term relationships with its vendors based on quality products and mutual trust.

Our supply chain management and strategic sourcing cell looks for opportunities to optimise our supplies all the time. We also look at involving and supporting suppliers in the product design and development phase, to ensure that only the best-in-class products hit the road.


AMW's aims in purchasing supplies are not just about cost, but on delivering the best goods to the customer. Read the purchase policy here.


To read AMW's current requirements for components, click here.

Vendor application form:

To apply to be an AMW supplier, download the form here.

Contact information:

For enquiries regarding component supplies, please write to the following persons:

Mr Anil Singh
Executive Vice-President - Materials
+91 22 67101501/ 02



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