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Dealership Opportunity

Energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude

Hallmarks of an AMW dealer

In a country whose economy is set to double every ten years, infrastructure and mining emerge as key growth areas.

And as India engages in prospecting for new mines and a construction spree of new infrastructure, efficient transportation solutions are even more critical. This is what explains AMW's spectacular rate of growth ever since its inception.

We need partners in this growth. Partners who can help us sell our high-technology trucks, manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Bhuj, to fleet-owners around the country. AMW's rugged, all-terrain trucks that make light of any load have already proved to be a hit among major fleet owners, like the builders of the Yamuna Expressway. Now it is up to our dealers, to take the action forward.

Qualifications to be an AMW dealer:

  • Boundless energy to achieve targets and to set the bar high
  • Supplier should be a supplier to OEM in Auto industry
  • An enthusiasm to participate in a fast growing industry

An AMW dealership offers you many attractive benefits:

  • An opportunity to participate in a high-growth area
  • A perfect platform for your entrepreneurship and salesmanship skills
  • Multiple revenue opportunities, as our dealerships also double up as service centers and spare parts sellers
  • Complete training and periodic refreshing of skills

To become a partner-dealer with AMW, write to dealers@amwmotors.com

For more information, please contact our sales managers or write to dealers@amwmotors.com

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