3118 HL cab

Highest payload carrying capacity.

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Model: B5.918031 BS III
Type: DI turbo charged after cooled diesel engine
No of cylinders : 6 inline
Bore x stroke: 102 x 120 mm
Capacity: 5,883 cc
Max power: 132 KW (178 bhp) @ 2,500 rpm
Max torque: 675 Nm @ 1,500 rpm
Compression ratio: 18:01
Oil sump capacity: 15.4 ltr
Air filter: Dry type remote mounted
Oil filter: Full flow paper type
Fuel filter: Single filter with water separator
Fuel injection pump: Rotary FIP
Fuel tank: 240 ltr

Model: 6306A 6S
Speed ratios: I 9.01, II 5.27, III 3.22, IV 2.04,
V 1.36, VI 1.00, reverse 8.36

Rims: B7.5 x 20 10 bolts, spigotted
Tyres: Front: 10.00 X 20 16 PR, 2 Nos (highway)
Rear: 10.00 X 20 16 PR, 8 Nos (lug)
Spare: 10.00 X 20 16 PR, 1 No (highway)

PERFORMANCE (@ 31,000 kg)
Max speed - geared (kmph): 78.00
Max gradeability (%) running: 26.2
First gear (kmph): 26.2
Min turning circle radius-mm: 10,879

Front: Semi elliptical leaf springs with shock absorber
Span: 1,650 mm
Rear: Fully articulated inverted semi elliptical leaf
springs on tandem bogie triunion with torque rods
Span: 1,350 mm


AMW trucks come fitted with a 5.9 litre, 6-cylinder, in-line, diesel engine. Euro III compliant, the engine is fitted with a turbocharger and an intercooler. The unitised block design has 40% lesser parts, costing less to maintain, while the plateau-honed cylinders eliminate excessive oil consumption.


Fully synchronized gearbox allows comfortable and distinct gearshifts without vibration or noise, enhancing performance and fuel efficiency.

Low crawler-gear ratio improves engine start-up, even with heavy loads and difficult driving conditions.


The 380mm diameter, power-assisted clutch ensures effortless gear shifting, longer life and reduced slippage.


200mm wide brake linings ensure endurance of heavy wear and tear.

Butterfly-type exhaust brake enables better control while driving downhill.

Drive axle

Heavy-duty tandem drive hypoid axles with greater thickness and bigger housing.

Bolted design eliminates welding stress, easy to service.

Differential between axles adjusted to improve grip on slippery and uneven roads.

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